2013-09-23 23:47:49 by RayLee12

I'm outta here. I'll be making a new account here:

Finally working on it!

2013-07-11 18:28:24 by RayLee12

At last, now that I've hired a voice actor and animator/storyboard artist for the series, we are finally going into production! That's right, we're officially going into production. So we are about 40% percent into the series. The story boards are going to be finished by friday, as well as the voice for jay. So, all we need is the animation and the editing. So were still working right now, but keep in touch for more info. See you soon.

How's it going?

2013-06-17 19:16:00 by RayLee12

So, now that I have nothing to do, I wanna tell everyone how you all doing today? Do you feel good about yourself, crappy,neutral, or just plain fine. Ask me whatever you want.

A new project

2013-06-06 18:19:24 by RayLee12

So, If you've seen my character jay jackpot on my page or anything, well, I decided to come up with an animated web series based on him. I'll probably be airing it on youtube, and perhaps other video-viewing sites. So far, I have finished the script for it, and now I've working on the animation, so wish me luck. And if I have time, then i'll probably post the script on my page. So, that's all. Once again, wish me luck. See ya.

Be sure to view my art when you can.


2013-06-04 18:56:58 by RayLee12

Somehow, I don't have anything to talk about. Really. I don't. So yeah, that's basically it. Later.
Like my art or else!

New character coming soon

2013-05-13 20:32:25 by RayLee12

So I was thinking of making this new character that'll probably be a german-shepered anthro(or furry).My character has probably been inspired from elvis presley. And to be honest, I'll probably make him an elvis-styled character, but with a modern touch. So yeah, that's all I have to say. So, be on the lookout for my new character soon, In the meantime, see ya.


2013-04-28 16:34:04 by RayLee12

I was thinking since summer vacation is running around the corner, I'm not sure what i'm gonna do about it, maybe perhaps i'll go swimming, or maybe i can travel somewhere else. But on the other hand, I have plans i'm willing to do, for instance, I was thinking of doing a web comic based on of the drawings I posted, and of course, i got most of it's characters and half of the story right, so, i'll be thinking about it. In the meantime, what are your plans for summer vacation?